How OFF-Grid Solar System Works 

Off-Grid system mostly uses in agricultures and in thoses places where electricty grid is not available. Therefore it requires battery storage.
Off-Grid system requires an appropriately so that they will generate enough power which is required, throughout its all life. With Off-Grid system you do install battries with it which have enough capacity to store the electricty and meet the energy requirments also in all type of weather conditions.

Is it Cost Effective.?

If it comes to the cost so, the high cost of batteries and Off-Grid inverters and its maintenance makes it very costly and expensive as compared to other solar systems like solar pump inverters, On Grid solar system. Off-Grid solar systems mostly used in remote areas because of no electricity connections. However battery costs are reducing rapidly, so there is now a growing market for off-grid solar battery systems even in cities and towns.

Immediate Returns

ROI (Retrun on Investment).

There is no doubt that with this alternative energy solution people are saving enough money, they rid of thier selves with the hassale of electricity bills. You can talk to our financial experts to know that how much you gonna save on your project


Off-Grid system need any connection from Grid.?

This system is self-sustainable which works independently and dose not need to rely on  grid.

Why we use batteries in this system.?

When access power is generated so they use batteries to stored that electricity, so that it can be used at night or when the power of grid is down

Which system is more feasible in remote areas.?

These Off-Grid systems are ideal for remote areas when there is no power access from the grid.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Turn your sunlight into green, ECO friendly light.

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