How On-Grid Solar System Works

Whenever the sun shines solar panels start generating electricity. However its generate Dc current. Dc current converts into Ac current with the inverter. On-Grid system is simple system which connected to the electrical grid and operating 2 way operations in a current time. The supply of electricity can flow from the grid to which it is connected to the user’s home and from the user’s home to the grid.


Is it Cost Effective.?

This feature makes the on-grid solar system affordable and highly useful. The best part of this system is, all the surplus electricity sending into the grid instantly lower the meter reading of your home. You’ll be charged only for those units which you have consumed. Rest of the surplus electricity units are adjusted into your electricity bill. The grid act as a storage as its saving your generated electricity units, which you can see in your bill easily will show your generated access power.

Immediate Returns

ROI (Return on Investment).

There is no doubt that with this alternative energy solution people are saving enough money, they rid of their selves with the hassle of electricity bills. You can talk to our financial experts to know that how much you gonna save on your project


How On-Grid system sent electricity to Grid?

By using bi-directional meter which is operating 2 ways. It receive electricity from Grid and giving to home and also sending solar generated electricty to Grid.

What about the surplus units which we sent to Grid?

Surplus generated units will be adjustable in your electricity bill and you can see all the generated and consumed units will bee seen on the electricity bill

Can we claim any cashback against those units.?

Yes people can claim cash back facility according to their Govt policies.

What about the maintenance?

On-Grid system dose not required any heavy maintaince, you just need to wash the solar panels with water after certain time  or 4 times in a month.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Turn your sunlight into green, ECO friendly light.

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